Exhbitor Virtual Table

Thank you for your interest in registering as an exhibitor for our 2022 Online Spokane Regional ESL Conference which scheduled for Saturday, February 26, 2022.

The fee this year for one virtual table at the conference is only $75. Our conference has two scheduled "Meet the Exhibitors" events. It is during these times that we will encourage registrants to visit the exhibitor virtual tables. You will be using your own Zoom account, and the link to that Zoom session will be in our program at those times.

If there are additional reps in the Zoom session, a regular individual registration would be required for the 2nd rep.

The submission form will also provide an optional sponsorship opportunity for our grant program. Exhibitors who partially sponsor a grant will have their company name announced during our grant ceremony at the end of the day. Also, we will send the company URL via the Zoom chat feature to all attendees of that ceremony.

For your information, our online conference in 2021 had about 194 attendees. Generally, about 50-55% of our attendees are K12 teachers, 20-25% college level teachers, the remaining are community and church ESL immigrant program teachers, graduate students, and publishers.

Upon submission of your information, we will email you an invoice using your provided email via our square.com invoicing system. The invoice can be paid online via credit card.

Thanks for your support of our 2022 Online Spokane Regional ESL Conference!

If you get the message in red text which says "This email already has an account" then there already is a registration account for this email from previous years. Click the blue button below to log in to your existing account. You can retrieve your password at the log in screen by entering your email and then clicking the "Don't know password?" link.

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