Thank you for your willingness to present at the Spokane Regional ESL Conference. Your experience and expertise are valuable contributions to the ESL community. Please read the following carefully.

To do list

  • You and all co-presenters (if any) must be registered. You can check your registration status HERE.
  • Several days prior to the conference, please email your handout (PDF, PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, etc.) to Joshua, one of our Advisory Committee members at Joshua will post your handout on our site at so attendees can view your handout before, during and after the conference. Include in your email to Joshua the following:

  • Subject of email: Your presentation title
  • Body of email: Presenter last name and time of presentation
  • Make sure your attached file is titled the same as your presentation title (truncate if lengthy)
  • Please send only ONE file if possible.

  • On the day of the conference, you must check in with Jennie Sevedge, a conference Advisory Committee member, in the registration area in the Commons. She will verify your presence, review your presentation room and time details, give you your presenter ribbon, and answer any questions you might have. Presenter certificates will be available only upon request.
  • Presentations are now live at this public link. Check your time/location before the conference. These details are subject to change due to occasional cancellations or other circumstances beyond our control.

Other important information

HERE is a detailed description of each presentation room including technology details. HERE is a campus map showing presentation room areas in red circles on the campus.

All presentation rooms at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute are equipped with a modern PC laptop running Windows and Microsoft Office and connected to the Internet. Each presentation room also has a projector, a whiteboard, an audio system, and a doc cam. Personal laptops can easily be connected to the classroom projector via the provided standard VGA cable or HDMI cable (Mac users should bring their own VGA adapter or HDMI adapter).

Each classroom computer will be booted to the desktop at the beginning of the day; however, if a restart is necessary, refer to this handout which also has instructions for connecting your personal laptop to wifi (also in program book) and/or the room projector in the presentation rooms.

Please note, the Spokane Regional ESL Conference does not reimburse presenters for expenses nor provide supplies such as pens, markers, paper, scissors, easels, adapters for personal laptops, etc. Nor does the conference provide copy services for handouts.

If you have never been to Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute before, it’s a good idea to go to your presentation room early to check out the room and equipment. The classrooms will be open by 8:00 a.m. on the day of the conference for this purpose.

There is free public wireless for all personal laptops and mobile devices campus-wide via the “mfwi” network (password is FortWright).

Each area (the MacDonald/Alcott classroom, the Library, and the Commons) will have tech support available throughout the day. Also, just before your presentation, a volunteer teacher from Mukogawa will stop by your room to check if everything is okay.

Important: Please return the classroom furniture to its original location for the next presenter. The rooms are MFWI teacher classrooms, and they will be used on the following Monday morning for regular classes. Please do not use any of the supplies in the classrooms (except white board markers).

We are expecting about 350+ registrations. Each of the five concurrent sessions will have 10-13 presentations. Any paper handouts are the responsibly of the presenter(s), so please plan accordingly. Since we cannot predict the number of participants at your session, our system of providing handouts online before and during the conference can help you plan and limit the number of printed copies.

Session evaluations are the responsibility of the presenter. Please allow time in your presentation if you wish to include one.

Thank you for your participation in the Spokane Regional ESL Conference.