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Title Time Room
Digital Homework: Flipgrid for Speaking & Listening 11:15 am Alcott 1
Genre-Based Pedagogy for Disciplinary Writing 11:15 am MacDonald 1
Discover a Treasure Chest of Hands-on Acquisition Activities 11:15 am Commons Regents
Augmenting Reading Comprehension with Visuals 1:15 pm Library Assembly Hall 1
Refugee Resettlement from the Mouths of High-Schoolers 1:15 pm Library 114
Translanguaging: Exposing Multilinguals' Linguistic Processing 1:15 pm Library 202
The Effects of Trauma on Refugees' Language Learning Processes 11:15 am Library 203
Special Populations; Specifically ELD/ASL 2:15 pm Library Assembly Hall 2
Washington’s K-12 Dual Language Initiative 2:15 pm Library Assembly Hall 1
Key Factors Impacting ESL Teacher Identities and Why They Matter 11:15 am MacDonald 9
Preparing Students for Success in the 21st Century 10:15 am Commons Regents
The Call and Response Tradition as Engaging Pedagogy for ELLs 10:15 am MacDonald 7
From Theory to Practice: Sharing Our Experiential Wisdom 10:15 am Library 114
Differences between Literate and Oral Cultures and Why it Matters 3:15 pm Alcott 1
Past and Present: Two Theories of Intercultural Communication 1:15 pm MacDonald 7
Have We Lost the Rhythm? Jazz Chants Revisited 10:15 am MacDonald 9
Learn the Power of Lessonpix 3:15 pm Library Assembly Hall 1
Rural ELL Education: Assumptions, Challenges, and Benefits 2:15 pm Library 202
Learning Experientially About Refugees and Refugee Resettlement 10:15 am and 3:15 pm Library 202
Follow the Evolving Disney Princess to Communicative Competence 10:15 am MacDonald 13
I've Got Rhythm. My Students Don't: Pronunciation Pitfalls 11:15 am Library 114
Films, Clips, Screenshots: Choices for Communicative Activities 2:15 pm MacDonald 13
Activities for Developing Intercultural Competence 2:15 pm MacDonald 7
Engaging Teaching and Learning with Technology 1:15 pm Alcott 1
Special Populations; Specifically ELD/ASL Part 2 3:15 pm Library Assembly Hall 2
An Earth-Friendly Classroom 3:15 pm MacDonald 12
Teaching Discourse Intonation to ESL Students 2:15 pm MacDonald 9
EdPuzzle: The Missing Piece for your Flipped Classroom 11:15 am MacDonald 7
Dear Grammar… You’re Not Alone 1:15 pm Commons Regents
How Oral Language Affects Reading Comprehension 11:15 am Library Assembly Hall 1
Pragmatics Matter: Laughter and Language in an Immersion Program 11:15 am MacDonald 10
Resilience and Identity: An Ethnography of an Afghan Refugee 2:15 pm Library 114
"We Like to Have Fun Here"; Alternatives to the Standard Review 11:15 am MacDonald 12
Stylistic Imitation for Fluency, Grammar, & Creative Thinking 11:15 am Library 202
Cultural Responsiveness: Being Open Through Self-Reflection 10:15 am Library Assembly Hall 1
Faculty as Administrator: A Survival Story 10:15 am MacDonald 12
Instructional Equity: How Teachers Can Ensure Equity in Schools 1:15 pm Library Assembly Hall 2
Sound It Out 1:15 pm Library 203
Inclusive Practices to Meet the Needs of International Students 2:15 pm MacDonald 12
Paraphrasing Off the Wall 1:15 pm MacDonald 9
Collaborative Conversations – Troubleshooting for Ourselves 10:15 am Alcott 1
Turn Board Games into Educational Games 3:15 pm MacDonald 10
Making Sense of Accelerating Rates of Technological Changes 3:15 pm Library 203
ESL and Affirmative Action: Creating Opportunity and Diversity 2:15 pm MacDonald 1
Maximizing Ventures to Fulfill WIOA and NRS Requirements 2:15 pm Commons Regents
Keeping it Local: Connecting Students with KSPS/PBS Documentaries 3:15 pm Library 114
Chinese Grandparents' Beliefs about Child Play 1:15 pm MacDonald 1
Focused Grammar Feedback Using Students' Writing 10:15 am MacDonald 1
What Does it Mean to Teach Unaccompanied Minors? 11:15 am Library Assembly Hall 2
Use of COCA Database to Promote "Native-Like" Speech and Writing 2:15 pm Library 203
For the Record: Assessing Speaking through Recorded Projects 3:15 pm MacDonald 13
Best Practices and Exit Requirements for Direct English Programs 1:15 pm MacDonald 10
Implementing an Extensive Reading Program using 2:15 pm MacDonald 10
Flipgrid In Action 2:15 pm Alcott 1
Self-Efficacy and English Public Speaking Performance 1:15 pm MacDonald 13
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