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Title: Presenting the American Revolution: Activities and Assessments

Time: 3:15 pm

Room: MacDonald 13

Name: Terry Knudsen

Institution: Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute

Co-presenters (if any):

Type: Workshop (45 min)

Summary: The American Revolution was "the shot heard 'round the world." This workshop offers many activities to engage students in the founding of the United States of America, and to understand how the Revolution is still alive in our modern world.

Biography: Teresa Boyden Knudsen has been teaching in language programs at Washington Academy of Languages, Gonzaga University, Eastern Washington University, and the Community Colleges of Spokane. She has taught in the Masters in TESOL program at Whitworth University, and the TESL program at Seattle Pacific University, She is presently a full-time instructor at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute.

Topics addressed: Instructional Strategies

Intended audience: Higher Ed. Intensive English,Adult Refugee/Immigrant Programs,Developers of Materials/Curriculum

Thematic track: Instructional Strategies


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