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Title: Training Teachers and Providing Community English Classes in Cuba

Time: 10:15 am

Room: Library Assembly Hall

Name: Peggy Arendt

Institution: EFCA ReachGlobal / World Relief

Co-presenters (if any): Judi Migliazzo, MA/TESL, Spokane Public Schools (retired)

Janet Jenkins, MA/TESL, Spokane Public Schools (retired)

Type: Panel (45 min)

Summary: January 2020 found the participants in Santa Clara, Cuba, providing English classes for the community as well as professional development for Cubans who teach English. You'll hear about their experiences and how their life-lessons apply to their ongoing work with immigrants in Spokane.

Biography: Peggy Arendt, MA/TESL, EFCA ReachGlobal / World Relief Spokane. Peggy uses her professional experience as an ESL instructor and her cross-cultural missionary experience to help churches and communities flourish.

Topics addressed: Other

Intended audience: Adult Refugee/Immigrant Programs,International Settings

Thematic track: Other


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