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Title: Sharing Knowledge: Incorporating Talking Circles in the Classroom

Time: 3:15 pm

Room: MacDonald 9

Name: Stephanie Thomas

Institution: Intensive American Language Center, INTO-WSU

Co-presenters (if any):

Type: Teaching Demonstration (45 min)

Summary: The presenter guides attendees through a Talking Circle as if they were an upper-intermediate ESL listening and speaking class. Each has an equal voice and the opportunity to share their personal authentic story. Participants leave with an effective strategy for engaging students and improving listening/speaking skills.

Biography: Stephanie Thomas has a B.A. in Spanish and Masters of Arts in both TESOL and Interdisciplinary Studies-Spanish/English Translation. Experiences as an international student has shaped how she teaches and communicates with her students. An inviting environment that promotes communicative competence in a low stakes environment is her primary classroom objective.

Topics addressed: Instructional Strategies

Intended audience: Higher Ed. Intensive English,K-12 Settings,Teacher Educators

Thematic track: Instructional Strategies


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