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Title: Visual Thinking Strategy

Time: 10:15 am

Room: Library 114

Name: Sarah Mortensen

Institution: Spokane Community College

Co-presenters (if any):

Type: Workshop (45 min)

Summary: VTS is a student-centered approach that creates inclusive classroom discussions about art, photographs or drawings. The strategies in VTS support critical thinking, visual literacy, communication and collaborative skills.

Biography: My name is Sarah Mortensen. I have a BA in Elementary education and a MA in ESL. I am an adult ESL Instructor for refugees and immigrants at Spokane Community College. I have extensive experience teaching adults English and making the material accessible and equitable for my learners. I have found Visual Thinking Strategy helps my students feel comfortable speaking, creates collaborative discussions and develops their critical thinking skills. Before teaching at SCC, I was a K-12 teacher in Spokane's local school districts. I taught in mainstream classrooms, behavioral and special education programs and ELL classrooms. My passion is working with English language learners and finding tools and/strategies that support learning. While working in K-12 public schools, I learned about VTS and discovered that it helped not only a first language learner, but students with behavioral or special needs and language learners. It's an effective teaching strategy for developing community and communication in the classroom. I look forward to sharing my experiences.

Topics addressed: Instructional Strategies

Intended audience: Higher Ed. Intensive English,Adult Refugee/Immigrant Programs,K-12 Settings,Teacher Educators

Thematic track: Instructional Strategies


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