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Title: School Communication-Parent Involvement: Hmong-American Families

Time: 2:15 pm

Room: Library 203

Name: Nalee Moua

Institution: Washington State University

Co-presenters (if any):

Type: Paper or Report (45 min)

Summary: This study provides opportunities for Hmong-American parents’ voices to be heard by exploring their experiences related to their child’s education, with an ultimate goal of establishing strong relationships and communication between schools and families to promote a healthy learning space for CLD students.

Biography: Dr. Nalee Moua is an Adjunct Professor of Teacher Education at Washington State University with an emphasis in ELL Education. Her line of research includes, but is not limited to, Hmong studies, heritage language maintenance, school-parent communication, teacher education and identity.

Topics addressed: Research

Intended audience: K-12 Settings,Teacher Educators,Administrators

Thematic track: Research


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