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Title: exploring learner language and corrective feedback

Time: 1:15 pm

Room: MacDonald 12

Name: James Hunter

Institution: Gonzaga

Co-presenters (if any): Vincent Lombardi

Davis Fairchild

Thomas McKenzie

Allison Fellger

(all Gonzaga Computer Science majors)

Type: Paper or Report (45 min)

Summary: The presenters will demonstrate exciting new features of, a free online platform for providing corrective feedback after communicative activities and exploring interlanguage. Current developments include machine learning to detect errors, a searchable corpus, and integrated self-testing activities for students.

Biography: James Hunter has taught ESL/EFL for over 30 years and is the director of TESOL Programs at Gonzaga University. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham, UK, and his research interests include Second Language Acquisition, corpus linguistics, instructional technologies, and teacher development.

Topics addressed: Technology

Intended audience: Higher Ed. Intensive English,K-12 Settings,Developers of Materials/Curriculum

Thematic track: Technology


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