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Title: English as a Protest Language in Israel and Palestine today.

Time: 11:15 am

Room: MacDonald 13

Name: Albana Dwonch

Institution: University of Washington

Co-presenters (if any):

Type: Panel (45 min)

Summary: Despite the topic of her research: the role of social media for Palestinian youth political activism post Arab Spring, another puzzle challenged this researcher: the importance of language (English versus Arabic) in the choice of message, social media platform, and form of mobilization among the activists she interviewed.

Biography: Albana Dwonch is a Visiting Scholar at Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. She recently returned from Israel and Palestine, where she conducted four years of research and fieldwork to revise her manuscript and write her book “Palestinian Youth Activism in the Internet Age: Online and Offline Social Networks after the Arab Spring”.

Topics addressed: Research

Intended audience: Higher Ed. Intensive English,Adult Refugee/Immigrant Programs,International Settings

Thematic track: Research


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