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Title: Students Achieving Fluency through Inquiries in Literature!

Time: 2:15 pm

Room: Commons Regents

Name: Cynthia Geraghty

Institution: Language Treasure Chest Ent.

Co-presenters (if any):

Type: Workshop (45 min)

Summary: SAIL promotes fluency and academic achievement by exploring into, through and beyond this classic literature. Make a puppet, play a game, put research in action! Designed for preK-3 English Learners, use with ESL groups, regular classroom, or any Early Beg. Learn about a new online teaching opportunity! Make it, take it!

Biography: Cynthia Geraghty has more than 40 years experience with ELL in California as a K-8 teacher, site administrator, and administrator of district ELL and poverty programs in two large urban, language minority districts, and 5 years of ESL at the Spokane Community Colleges. Certification includes: MA in Bilingual Cross-Cultural Education, TESOL Certificate (USC), and Certification in SDAIE/ESL. She is the author publisher of SAIL to Success with Caps for Sale, and co-developing a new online delivery program CosmoKIDS.

Topics addressed: Instructional Strategies

Intended audience: K-12 Settings,Administrators,International Settings

Thematic track: Instructional Strategies


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