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Title: Library and ESL/ABE Literacy Project Collaboration

Time: 1:15 pm

Room: Library Assembly Hall

Name: Linda Keys

Institution: Spokane Community College

Co-presenters (if any): Pamm Haslebacher, Spokane Community Colleges

Laurie Sylla, Community Colleges of Spokane

Susan Wilson, Spokane Community College

Christina Momono, Community Colleges of Spokane and Gonzaga University

Type: Informational Session (45 min)

Summary: Our presentation will report the results of a collaborative research project that assessed whether or not ABE/ESL students would learn to love to read if provided a new collection of graded readers from the SCC Library. The study had profound implications for instructional faculty and library practice.

Biography: Linda Keys is a Librarian at Spokane Community College and is the Library Liaison for the ESL/ABE departments. Linda loves doing research and working with others to build confidence and ability in students from all walks of life. She has 2 rescue dogs that make her life complete.

Pamm Haslebacher has been teaching GED classes for eleven years for the Adult Basic Education Division of Spokane Community Colleges. She works with all ages from a variety of backgrounds. She teaches Social Studies, Reading and Writing. Most of her students come from economically disadvantaged situations. Many are the first in their families to attempt and receive a GED. This makes her job very satisfying. She knows she is changing lives!

Laurie Sylla is an ESL Instructor for Community Colleges of Spokane and a student manager for international high school students with Cambridge Network in Spokane, WA. Her interest and passion is in cultures and working with international students. She gets joy and energy from seeing the impact of her work and it pushes her to work harder. Previously, she lived and worked abroad in 3 different Asian countries for several years, teaching ESL to students of all different ages ranging from preschool to PhD and English teachers.

Susan Wilson has worked in Adult Basic Education for 11 years at Spokane Community College. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to help students realize their potential and achieve success.

Christina Momono has been teaching ESL nearly 13 years at the Community Colleges of Spokane and Gonzaga University working with visiting international students, and immigrant and refugee students who have resettled in the United States. She has done workshops on sociocultural and intercultural communication, various ESL interactive communicative projects and different topics on adult literacy. Furthermore, Ms. Momono has worked at a Northwest Fair Housing Alliance for 16 years advocating for housing equity in eastern Washington. Through her fair housing work, she has done many trainings and workshops on equity.

Topics addressed: Research

Intended audience: Adult Refugee/Immigrant Programs,Developers of Materials/Curriculum

Thematic track: Research


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